Walter Michael Dickson (Loos en Gohelle 62)

12 mars 2018

Walter Michael Dickson (died 26 September 1915) was a Scottish rugby union player. He was killed in World War I.

He played for Oxford University RFC like Freddy Harding Turner and Blackheath FC and was capped for Scotland in 1912-13.

Lieutenant Walter Michael Dickson, 11th Battalion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, fell in action in October 1915. Dickson was educated at South African College, South Africa, and at University College, Oxford, where he went as a Rhodes Scholar. His ability as a full-back with the Blackheath XV. carried him into the Scottish National team in the Welsh match of 1912, and he gained seven Caps in all namely, v Wales 1912-13, v France 1912-13, v England 1912, v South Africa 1912, and v Ireland 1913. Dickson was a fine field and accurate left-footed punt, thus possessing the chief requirements for the position in modern Rugby ; but his tackling, owing to his slowness, was not up to the standard of his handling and kicking.

Dickson played France in 1913 with eric Milroy, Scotland won 21-3.
Dickson is commerated to Loos en Gohelle British cemetery in Pas-de-Calais.