Christian Raoult, one of the co-creator of the "Auld Alliance" trophy is died yesterday, 23th january 2020

24 janvier 2020

Christian Raoult, one of the co-creator of the "Auld Alliance" trophy (in partnership with SRU and FFR), rewarding since 2018, the meetings between France and Scotland died yesterday, 01/23/2020.

Christian Raoult was first of all, the creator of Veteran amateur rugby "Eric Milroy Black Watch” trophy. He left us in the night of Thursday January 23, 2020.

Led by Christian, this amateur trophy, named : "Eric Milroy Black Watch trophy", created in 2017 and exposed today at the British museum of Thiepval, rewards since 2017, the winner of the commemorative rugby tournament between teams of French, Scottish, Belgian nation, of the veteran-leisure world, including Lorient, Cupar, Nivelles, Amiens, Clermont, Sup’R XV, ..

This trophy was created without knowing that there was a 1st trophy at George Watson’s College, named Eric Milroy. We found out afterwards, and that strengthened the originality of this project.

This project made it possible to launch and create with : the Anderson-Ross family (descendants of Eric Milroy), the Howe Of Fife RFC Club, Mémoire de Rugby Events and RC Amiens, the "Auld Alliance" trophy. This trophy is in partnership with the Scottish Rugby Union and the FFR. The trophy is back in the fold every year since 2018, to reward the winner of the Scotland-France match, as part of the six nations tournament.

2020 is a difficult year for Christian’s family, friends and me.

2020 must be also a nice year, as it will be crowned of the Centenary of the creation of the "Milroy Trophy", which rewards the top scorer of George Watson’s College, in Myreside, and that the Hastings brothers Scott and Gavin, have won several times. Indeed, Eric Milroy’s mother had created this trophy in 1920 to remind of all the young rugby players killed during the Great War. She never believed in the death of her son, whose body was never found in Delville Wood. Each evening she lighted a candle in the corner of her window, so that Eric could find his way in the night. Unfortunately he never came back.

Christian participated in February 2017 to the large 4-days and commemorative series of events in the Somme and Amiens, in France. He was in good shape. He would have liked going to Edinburgh next March, unfortunately life has shortened its way.
2020 is a special year for Scotland and France. It’s also the Centenary year of the post-war V Nations’ tournament restart match. Indeed, no match in the tournament between 1914 and 1919 was played.
It was in January 1st, 1920 that the tournament resumed between France and Scotland.

Christian RAOULT, Christian will miss to all of us. His humility, his humor sometimes clear-cut and delicious, his pleasure and his desire to live, bring him in peace. Self-taught, passionate about nature, trees and the countryside, he was an artist and a craftsman, a sculptor in his spare time, a humanist and committed man, courageous and warlike. He wanted to remain in the shadows.

We want to highlight it, to pay him this so much-deserved tribute.

Shoulder-to-shoulder, united in brotherhood, we remain faithful to his memory.

We cannot forget it. WE DON’T FORGET.

The ceremony will take place on Saturday January 25, 2020 at at the Crematorium of Saint Martin de Valgalgues (in the Gard départment, France).

In Scotland, a tribute will take place first at Cupar Saturday January 25, 2020 at (by Howe of Fife RFC Knights, Duffus Park - Carslogie Road, Cupar, Fife KY15 5HY) just before the starting to Brechin.

Then before the match between the Knights Cupar and Brechin Rugby Club at

Finally, on Saturday March 7 (Eve of Scotland - France) in Myreside at noon at the Wastonians club house - George Watson’s College.