William Ramsay HUTCHISON (Arras)

12 mars 2018

William Ramsay Hutchison (16 January 1889 - 22 March 1918) was a Scottish international rugby union player. He was killed in World War I.

He played for Glasgow District in the inter-city match against Edinburgh District on 3 March 1910. He played for Glasgow High School FP and was capped for Scotland in 1911. He made a single appearance on 18 March 1911 when Scotland first made their way to Twickenham, which was known as "Billy Williams’ cabbage patch".

They did so with some difficulty. "We couldn’t find where the entrance was", the prop Charlie Stuart later recalled. "We had to walk through some allotments to get to it." Centre George Cunningham had his shorts ripped from him as he raced for the line in the dying minutes. Rather than have his modesty exposed to the crowd, he sat down on the turf and Scotland’s chance of snatching a draw had gone.

They were beaten 13-8. Eight of that Scottish team were killed during the Great War. On 22 March 1918, the havoc that befell the 59th Division caused chaos. The 59th’s two forward brigades were destroyed by midday and a counter-attack by the third brigade was delivered with more courage than skill. As a significant force the 59th Division no longer existed. He was killed in action on 22 March 1918, age 29.

He is remembered on the Arras memorial bay 5.